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What a Washout – Qatar MotoGP

Once again the motorsport fans are on the receiving end of bad decision making. Ok, I know this is nature but why do we have to have a night race?

In Formula One we have seen what happens when not enough daylight is available when rain interferes with racing, and now, in another premier formula we have the main attraction cancelled by rain. The or powers that be knew that no racing could happen in the rain and at night, I have also heard the argument that it only rains for 6 days/nights in Qatar, but the fact remains that fans buy tickets to look at their favourite sport. What is happening is that the Management of these formulas are gambling with the fans money.

I believe racing at these venues in the east starts at the wrong times and no contingencies made for weather or to ensure that time remains to cater for the needs of the fans in an amicable way. I think we will find that midday starts (or there about) cater for weather and accidents with enough daylight to effectively restart and complete a race. Had this Qatar race started in the daylight we would have seen a decent MotoGP race because it is not too warm during daylight hours at this stage. If the F1 Race in Malaysia started at the regular time we would have seen a complete race.

The ardent fan will rise in the early mornings to view their favourite sport or set a timer to record it at the very least. Management and event planners should not be dictated by the marketing and media “bandits” but consider the fans that support them and their formulas.

Who buys the tickets? Who looks at the TV coverage? Two questions someone in the management of these formulas should consider and quickly. Let’s face facts, who actively look at TV ads in the fist place? I walk away to make tea, coffee or get a beer depending on what time the race is on.

October 2020
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