Golf Swing

TOP Golf Swing Fundamentals

The golf swing fundamentals are six easy tips that can improve your game. They are important to all golfers, whether you are a beginner or a pro.

The Grip

How you hold your club in your hand is referred to as the grip. There are three grips that every golfer should be aware of. Just decide which is more comfortable for you.

The single overlap grip: This is where the pinky of your right hand (written for right-handers) overlaps the index finger of your left.

Interlock: This is the same as the single overlap grip with the exception that the pinky interlocks or wraps around the index finger.

The baseball grip: Pretty self-explanatory you hold the club like you would a baseball bat except you are swinging at a smaller ball and on a different angle. All ten fingers will be touching the grip


This is merely how you set up the ball, the width of your stance, knee flex, straightening of the back, bending from the hip and the angle you maintain throughout the swing. Every one of these are golf swing fundamentals:

Don’t be frightened. It’s truly not as tricky as it sounds.

Width of your stance should be approximately shoulder width

Knee flex: Your knees should be somewhat bent to allow a little bit of motion but used more like shock absorbers on a car.

Straighten the back: Your back should be straight at about an eighty degree angle.

Bend from the hips: Bend at the hips not the back.

The angle the back maintains: Try to keep the similar angle that you started out with. If you change angles then the whole thing changes.


This is how you body moves from your head to your toes

Hands and Arms

Hand and arm relationship or better known as coordination is a very significant step to learning the golf swing fundamentals.

Picking out a Target

Alignment is just picking where you want the ball to go. For instance, if you are trying to get to the green then make sure your body is facing the green when finished.

There is also a psychological aspect in picking out your target. If you are more concerned about the water hazard in front of you then guess where your ball is going to go, it is likely going for a swim. Try to look, center on your main objective, ignore the hazards.


Practicing will help you not actually think about the steps about. It will allow your body to just know what to do allowing your mind to just focus on the game. Practice the golf swing fundamentals to get a better grasp on your game.

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