Car carrier of Trucks series. New autos coming

Car carrier of Truck series. New autos coming.

Tips hot to Transport a Car

Here are some tips to help ensure that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Transport a Car

  • Learn what you need to know to transport a car. Good places to start are our our Car Transport Basics and our Car Transport FAQ pages.


  • If you plan to transport a car or other vehicle overseas and you haven’t done it before, check out the International Car Transport page.


  • Get several quotes. USA Auto Transport Guide can get you several FREE, no obligation quotes from USA auto transport companies and international car moving companies.


  • Investigate your insurance options for when you are transporting a car or other vehicle you own. Check with both the car transport service and your own insurance company for exclusions, coverage limits, deductibles you have to pay, and policy restrictions. Check out the Car Transport Insurance page for more information.


  • The business of transporting cars is growing and has become highly competitive. Don’t select a company to transport your car based only on the lowest quote. The Selecting a Car Transport Company page will help you make your decisions based on other factors you should also consider.


  • If you need to transport a car or other vehicle, round up your estimates, make your selection and then schedule as far in advance as possible. Most transporters recommend you try to schedule your shipping at least 4 weeks in advance.


  • Insist on taking delivery of your car when it’s daylight so you’ll better be able to find any damages that occurred during transport. More information on the steps you should take when your car arrives at its destination are available on the Car Transport Pickup page.


  • Keep your dealings with the company that you choose to transport your car professional. Be on time for your appointments with them. If you run into snags, keep your cool. Your auto transporter is much more likely to work with you when you conduct yourself accordingly. Keep the lines of communication open so there are no misunderstandings.


  • If you can’t be there when the company transporting your vehicle has arranged pickup or delivery, have a friend, relative or other trusted person take your place. Give them full instructions on what to expect. You’ll probably even want to refer them to this site for more information. Your designate needs to be able to make decisions on your behalf so the car transport process will move along smoothly.


  • Complete any needed maintenance ahead of time. Clean your car before turning it over to the transport company so it will be easier to see and note any pre-existing damage. Go over your car and take photos before you even make it available to the transporter for the pre-transport inspection. More suggestions are contained on our Preparing to Transport a Car page.
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