The Mini Cooper Sport – Compensate For Nothing

Real men drive a Mini Cooper because we’re not compensating for anything. But even real-er men drive a Mini Cooper S.

If you’re a Cooper-fan, chances are you know that the Mini Cooper S is Supercharged – Turbocharged in the most recent models. However, the “S” in its name doesn’t stand for “Supercharged”. Instead, it stands for “Sport” – the Mini Cooper Sport.

The difference between stock-standard Mini off the production line, and a Mini Cooper Sport is reletively simple.

Unlike other variations of the Mini (which there are thousands! – millions perhaps!) there are three features common to the Mini Cooper S that are not part of other Mini’s… And I’m just talking about visible features – not including the increased performance, with the increased 175 HP (Horse Power) supercharged/turbocharged engine.

The first feature you’ll notice is the badge at the rear of the car…. because if you see a Mini Cooper S, chances are it’s as it’s zipping past you. Whereas the standard Mini Cooper badge is a standard “COOPER”, the Mini Cooper S badge also includes a swooshing red “S”. Similar stylized red “S” logos are on each side of the Mini Cooper – over the air intake / indicator unit.

The third significant feature that you’ll find different on a Mini Cooper Sport is also an air intake… But it can be deceptive. Let me show you. The front of the Mini Cooper S has an air-scoop in the bonnet – “proof” that the car is supercharged (or in current models, turbocharged). HOWEVER – the bonnet scoop is mainly for show. The air intakes used for the supercharger / turbocharger are actually the left-hand side air intake, beside the indicator – and beneath the radiator.

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