McIlroy needs a major escape from golf

Speaking to the media McIlroy mentioned that he might need an escape from golf which is vital for him for his controversies that he had done last week. Even though the World championship was in the flow, he had mentioned such comments regarding him.

Rory McIlroy, number one is at action in Barclays Singapore Open. But by Sunday he could have completed a double money list if he had gone to the American and European tours which was achieved by Luke Donald in his last year.

He was in the spot for critics when he skipped the HSBC championship in china, which however did not harm any of his chances. He was basically in his country at the weekend’s start to play with Tiger Woods and there was rumor that it had earned him a seven digit sum.

McIlroy, who had gone to Bulgaria to see his girlfriend play tennis said,” It’s really a big event to miss. I am missing that part of my life where I would be completely away from this.”

“I want to forget everything, including my doings. I want to be away of all and that’s the week which seems fruitful to me.”

“ I am telling that there are some people who think that golf is their career, even I am also not ignoring it but sometimes u need to go away from it” he added on.

“Spending time with Caroline proves to be a lot helpful and that’s the greatest challenge for us hanging together. It’s too much for me to play golf all day along. If I could I would, I can’t so I shan’t. It’s really difficult for me in that way.” He told as he continued speaking.

His off last week forced the titlist to thought that the association between them and McIlroy is coming to an end.

While speaking to the reporters he thinks to switch to Nike for 156pounds over 10 years but was not intended to open it up in front of them. They are still having a doubt about whether it is being made a deal or not.

The northern Irishman aged 23 years stated,” the Titlist player of the year is me. I have not done any kind of commitment to any company in the upcoming years but we have been through this process.”

McIlroy has found out that agreeing to everything that is in front of him is really hard and can be found by anybody.

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