Learn more about the Life of Boxing Legend MIKE TYSON

Well, who doesn’t know about Mike Tyson, He became a household name after eating Evander Holyfield ear. Mike Tyson has remained in controversy all his life from the time he entered the ring, till he retired. But there are many things about the legend, which are still a mystery. Controversial matches, accusations, charges and sorts of rage, which he showed on and of the ring. Boxing fans are more interested in him than ever, and they want to know why he did all this; and were all the reports correct, plus people are asking him to give explanations. Tyson was and still is loved by all, no matter how many controversies surround him and what all things he does apart from boxing. Hence, it has been quite a few years since Tyson did something big.


But the wait is finally over and he is now going to unfold the mystery, which is deep seeded in his life. The show is called the “Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth” which will happen live on stage featuring Mike Tyson himself. The show will be from April 13 to 18 at 8 PM in the renowned MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Hollywood Theater. It is expected to be a star studded event as Mike Tyson, will reveal all the secrets of his life, and tell his life story all by him, like the way it has never been told before.

He is expected to reveal the times he had in tragic moments and how he survived them, how public started hating him, how he became a champion, his victories and fall off’s both in professional as well as personal life. The show is written by Kiki Tyson, directed and produced by Randy Johnson and Adam Steck respectively. This show will definitely make people want some more because it is the life of such a famous global boxing personality and hence you can expect a house full turnout.

This show has already started making huge noise in boxing news. The ticket of this shoe starts at $99.99, and it can be bought from MGM Grand office. There are special VIP packages which starts at $499 and it include greeting and meeting with the legend and also commemorative merchandise. This will be an awesome event and all the more people will be waiting for Mike Tyson to tell more on the underlining controversial stories and all about the charges that he had to face.

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