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Athlete Profile: Rebecca Wallbank

Rebecca Wallbank
Age: 16
Town: Selby
Sport: Sailing

1. How did you get involved with your sport? How old were you?

I started sailing when I was 10 years old, as my friend asked if I wanted to join a sailing club with her.

2. Where do you train?

We train with the 29er National Youth Squad and T.T. Squad at various venues, normally on the sea. When we aren’t training with them we train at Draycote Water Sailing Club. During the week we train at the gym – Tadcaster Swimming Pool.

3. Describe a typical week in your sporting life (how many times you train, how long you train for etc.)

During the week we do two one hour sessions at the gym, 2 hours of core stability and strength training. At the weekend we sail for approximately 7 hours per day, and on Sunday we go for a 45 minute run before sailing.

4. What is your greatest sporting achievement so far?

Winning the Eric Twinaime Championships and 3rd at the RYA Youth Championships – 29er.

5. When is your next big competition? What are you doing to prepare for this?

The 29er National Championships, to prepare we are researching the venue and weather conditions, and continuing to train and doing boat preparation.

6. What are your sporting goals and dreams?

To sail in the ISAF Youth Championships
To get an Olympic gold medal

7. Who is your sporting hero and why?

My sporting hero is Dame Kelly Holmes, because not only does she possess passion, determination and courage, but I admire how she uses this to meet young athletes and inspire them.

8. How do you cope with nerves before a big competition?

I try to relax before a big competition by listening to music, and calling home.

9. What do you enjoy most about being an athlete?

I love to be challenged, and to feel the buzz and excitement of success. I love to meet other people from all over the country, and all over the world who share the same passion for sailing. I have made some amazing friends.

10. Who is your biggest supporter and why?

My helm’s Dad for taking us sailing every weekend for the last 5 years and providing endless boat supplies, and of course my family.

Key Achievements

• 1st Mirror in the Eric Twiname Championships 2005
• 26th Mirror World Championships 2007
• 8th 29er – RYA Youth Championships and Trials and 3rd 29er girls PwUheli 2008-08-04 23rd Silver Fleet, European Championships 29er, 2008.

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