Athlete Profile: Owen Harrison

Owen Harrison
Age: 16
Town: Harrogate
Sport: Rowing

1. How did you get involved with your sport? How old were you?

After doing many sports before hand for example football, swimming, tennis etc, I was looking for something slightly more demanding and adventurous, so my parents contacted my local club, York City Rowing Club and I started a week or so after, at the age of 11.

2. Where do you train?

On the river Ouse in York

3. Describe a typical week in your sporting life (how many times you train, where you train, how long you train for etc.)

On average I train about 12 times a week, on weekdays I get up at around 6:30, have breakfast then out the door at 7:00 to be at the club at 7:30 in order to train at 8:00, morning training usually lasts about an hour and a half.
I would then go home and do some school work before heading back out to train at around 3:30, evening training can last up to 2 hours.
I would do that every week day and on weekends Saturdays usually are 11am on the water for about 2 hours and Sundays rowing at 9 for about 2 hours again.

4. What is your greatest sporting achievement so far?

Gold medal at the National Schools Regatta held in Nottingham

5. What are your sporting goals and dreams?

• To get into the GB team
• To represent GB in an international event
• To represent GB in 2016 Olympics

6. Who is your sporting hero and why?

I don’t have a sporting hero really, I admire many people both at the club for their achievements and the athletes who represent their country.

7. How do you cope with nerves before a big competition?

I was told to think of every outcome in a race situation, from winning to loosing to crashing, anything that is possible I try to think about it, that way I feel more confident days before a race and on race day stay relaxed and keep calm. When the race starts the nerves you have left will become adrenaline

8. What do you enjoy most about being an athlete?

The feeling of crossing the finish line knowing you have done everything you could have done physically.

9. Who is your biggest supporter and why?

My family as a group, I can’t single anyone out, they get up at the crack of dawn to take me to events, transport me where I need to go and support me in general.

Please list your key sporting achievements including the date:

• Gold Medal at Peterborough J13&J14 regatta, 24th/25th June 2006
• Silver medal at National Schools Regatta, 25th/26th/27th May 2007
• Gold medal at National Schools Regatta, 23rd/24th/25th May 2008
• Qualifiers at Henley Royal Regatta, 27th June 2008
• Silver medal at National Rowing Championships, 18th/19th/20th July 2008

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