Athlete Profile: George Elliott

George Elliott
Town: Hambleton
Sport: Rugby League

1. How did you get involved with your sport? How old were you?

I have always enjoyed sports since the age of about 5, but I didn’t get into Rugby until I was 14 years old.

2. Where do you train?

Trained at York but now train at Leeds for Rhinos and Tykes plus England Camps.

3. Describe a typical week in your sporting life (how many times you train, where you train, how long you train for etc.)

I train three times a week at Leeds for approximately 2 and a half hours each session and I attend a local gym in between training sessions.

4. What is your greatest sporting achievement so far?

To play for England ‘A’

5. When is your next big competition? What are you doing to prepare for this?

The Rugby League Play Offs and to get ready for England Rugby Union Under 18’s camp and the Rugby Union season. I am training, training and training.

6. What are your sporting goals and dreams?

To play professional rugby for my country and travel the world as an ambassador for Rugby.

7. Who is your sporting hero and why?

My Dad played Rugby League for Great Britain, he was a fair, honest player. He played hard but always had respect.

8. How do you cope with nerves before a big competition?

Think of what my Dad would have done and said to me.

9. What do you enjoy most about being an athlete?

Meeting people, travelling, and being fit.

10. Who is your biggest supporter and why?

My Dad was but all my family and friends are behind me and my teachers. Mum does a good job as kit and tour manager.

Please list your key sporting achievements including the date:

• Yorkshire – August 08
• England ‘A’ Rugby Union – Feb 08
• Leeds Rhino’s – on going
• Leeds Carnegie – on going

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