Athlete Profile: Alice Leake

Alice Leake
Age: 17
Town: Selby
Sport: Orienteering


1. How did you get involved with your sport? How old were you?

I started orienteering through my primary school (Hambleton C of E Primary) when I was 8 years old.

2. Where do you train?

I train in local woodlands and travel to areas across Yorkshire most weekends for different types of terrain.

3. Describe a typical week in your sporting life (how many times you train, how long you train for etc.)

Currently I am training 6 times a week. I try to incorporate an intervals session, 40min tempo run, hill training and a long distance run of around 70minutes+. I do technique training with the Yorkshire squad around once a month. I also try to attend an event or competition every week and do strength and conditioning exercises.

4. What is your greatest sporting achievement so far?

4th in the middle distance event at the World Schools Orienteering Championships, April 2008.

5. When is your next big competition? What are you doing to prepare for this?

The Junior Home Internationals in September where I will be competing for England against Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I am attending a two-week training camp in Sweden over the summer that should help to prepare me.

6. What are your sporting goals and dreams?

I would like to achieve a podium position at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in the next 3 years and in the future win a gold medal at the World Championships.

7. Who is your sporting hero and why?

Simone Niggli-Luder from the Swiss National team. She has won 14 world championship gold medals and is the most successful orienteer in the sport.

8. How do you cope with nerves before a big competition?

I try to relax by playing some upbeat music. My performance has suffered as a result of nerves in the past and so I learnt to control them and focus on using them to make me run faster instead.

9. What do you enjoy most about being an athlete?

When everything comes together and I perform really well. Nothing can beat the feeling that all the hard work was worth it!

10. Who is your biggest supporter and why?

My parents! They give up so much of their time to take me to competitions and support me.

Key Achievements

• 3rd JK international festival of orienteering sprint race, women 18 elite, March 2008
• 4th Middle distance, World Schools Championships, April 2008
• 5th Classic distance, World Schools Championships, April 2008
• 1st Yorkshire night league 2008
• 1st York score league 2008
• 1st Yorkshire schools championships 2008
• Selected to represent England for the last 5 years
• Selected for the Great Britain Junior start programme for the last 3 years

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