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#5 Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing

1. Use a Basketball

The majority of golfers let the left knee fall towards the right knee on the back swing, and when this happens your shoulders fall and that makes your hips swing. There are a couple of different ways to improving your golf swing with this problem. To correct this ordinary problem, the first thing is to imagine that your left knee during your back swing is going towards your target. Another technique is to put a basketball between your knees and put into practice your back swing.

2. Stick that Thumb Out

An additional wonderful way of improving your golf swing is to be a hitchhiker. If you have never hitchhiked there is an excellent chance you have seen a hitchhiker with his/her thumb sticking out trying to get a ride. Maintain this as a mental picture when you are about half way though your swing (about waist high) your thumb should be pointing towards the sky.

3. To Pause or Not To Pause

A frequent mistake for most golfers is that they are swinging too fast, this doesn’t mean that you must or can’t swing with power and force but doing it in a controlled fashion and pace is the trick.

The finest way to stop yourself from swinging too fast is to take a minor pause (count to one or two) at the top of your swing before you start the downswing.

4. Let the Club do the Work

There has been a lot of scientific consideration and a lot of research put into the making of the golf club so why not let the club do what it was intended for.

When working on improving your golf swing keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to get the ball airborne, by hitting down and through the ball will allow the design of the club to loft the ball to its designated target.

5. Follow Through

Follow through is the most essential part of improving your golf swing. Recording your golf swing and then monitoring your follow through can help a ton. Remember to keep practicing and to keep working to achieve your goal of improving your golf swing

Natural Golf Swing

If you over hear someone in the clubhouse saying, “wow that kid has a natural golf swing” what goes through your mind? Do you think of someone who is able to become one with the club, or someone who might be able to go out and shoot with a 7 or 8 handicap right off the bat? The reality is neither of these scenarios are correct, the natural golf swing that people speak of is something those must practice and train very hard for. It can only come from learning the correct techniques and which and when to apply them.

A few tips how to find a natural golf swing

To put it blunt, golf is not a natural game, think back to the first time you swung a club did it feel right to you? Probably not, it takes muscle, coordination, and a lot of training to make it look and perform correctly. If you want to achieve that natural golf swing you must work at it very hard, practicing and training your body and mind to react correctly to all the different circumstances that you might encounter during a round.

Pros will tell you that this game is no cake walk. Their effortless looking swings that might be called a natural golf swing come from hours of practice to ensure their body responds just right at every point. It should almost appear fluid, as your body moves through the swing until impact with the ball.

The aspect of a Teacher in achieving the natural golf swing

It is probably obvious to you that golf is a very difficult game to be self taught. Taking lessons with a good teacher is a must. They will point out your weaknesses and and strengths, showing you what you can correct, and practice to get better at. With the right coach helping you, the game can be made quite easy. It’s amazing often times with only watching one or two swings a good coach can tell you the mistakes your making. Possibly it’s stance or club selection, or maybe the way you address the ball or the ball comes off your club face. No matter what it is a good teacher can show you what you’re doing wrong, and help you progress towards the natural golf swing.

No question you don’t internalize every intricacy of the game over night. There are just so many points to learn, and most people rarely get the time to play enough to master them. However you will improve your game and score. Not know what it is you’re doing wrong, or what corrections you must make makes it difficult to improve. That is why taking lessons is so key to perfecting your natural golf swing. You need to be practicing the correct techniques, not learning more of the wrong ones. Learn the right techniques, practice them, and keep doing what ever you’re doing right. That is the key to perfecting a natural golf swing and lowering your score.

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